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SLATDAN is a proud partner of Microsoft and is able to offer many I.T. solutions related to all computer and technology areas.

Our team members have been trained within the Computer Science and Information Technology industries and offer great knowledge in this field.

We firmly believe that any business striving for success, should have a solid I.T. infrastructure.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to offer a great range of computer solutions

Official Microsoft Software is available from us at vastly discounted prices.

General I.T. Services

As a Microsoft Partner, we are able to offer a full range of Computer Solutions. These may include setting up a new PC, installing software such as Microsoft Office, creating a network, performing a health check and offering security solutions.

We also offer a comprehensive maintenance service. Our dedicated personnel will be available to assist you through any computer related issue, be it, loss of data, hardware malfunction, peripheral installation or maybe just a question you may need answering.

Web Design & Hosting

Upon forming a new company or maybe under a restructure, you may choose to own a domain name that is specific to your company.

We offer a full domain registration service, for the name of your choice - (www."YourCompanyName".com).

Once a domain is registered you have the option to allow us to design a website for you and host it on our platform.

Professional Email

An email address is one of the first contact details that businesses provide to their potential clients. With the creation of a professional email address ("YourName"@"YourCompanyName".com) this immediately conveys a positve charateristic relating to your company.

A gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc, email address just doesn't create the same impression as a unique one tailored to portray your company.

Mobile Office - Cloud Drive

We offer a mobile office service. For those unfamiliar, this is formed through the creation of a cloud drive. This intangible drive will contain all of your documents and is accessible from anywhere in the world from any device (that has internet access). This innovative technology is extremely convenient for accessing your files from anywhere and also acts as a secure secondary backup system.

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