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+  Personal Income Tax Returns

+   CIS Refunds

+   Partnership Tax Returns

+   Corporation Tax Returns

We offer professional tax advice and services in varied capacities.

With extensive experience in the taxation field, we are able to ensure you are fulfilling all thresholds relating to tax and most importantly handling your affairs effectively.

We aim to maximise all potential in relation to tax, while ensuring your integrity is not comprimised.

With many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of taxation.

Our experise will ensure that your tax potential is optimised.

Personal Income Tax Returns

Preparation and on-line submission of personal income tax returns. The completion of the return would be linked to the accounts and payroll services carried out on behalf of the individual / company.

Corporation Tax Returns

Preparation and on-line submission of limited company corporation tax returns. Includes calculation of tax liability and production of statement of account so as to enable payment to be made.

Patnership Tax Returns

Preparation and submission of partnership income tax return in conjunction with personal income tax returns.

CIS Refunds

Preparation and submission of personal income tax return so as to generate the repayment of overpaid taxes deducted at source. All vouchers clearly showing amounts paid and tax deducted would have to be made available so as to ensure the accuracy of the returns.

It should be noted that SLATDAN will adopt a “no up-front payment” policy in this instance and will receive it’s fee from the tax refund that is generated.



We welcome clients of any size and age. From startups to well established, sole traders to limited companies, one employee to hundreds, we are able to help.

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